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The Columbia River Gorge, under the protection of the National Scenic Act, has created a unique business opportunity for small- and medium-sized businesses who wish to grow, re-locate or expand. Watch for details.
 Come to the Gorge: Economic Flow

In 2011, the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area celebrated 25 years! Check out the campaign video. 
CRG National Scenic Area's 25th Anniversary

Columbia River Gorge

Photo Gallery

Browse the images below that showcase the natural beauty of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. From waterfalls to wildlife, view points to recreation, the National Scenic Area boasts spectacular scenery that all can appreciate.

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IMG 0809

IMG 0810

IMG 0811

IMG 0538

Multnomah Falls Rainstorm

100 0119

100 0118

100 0117

100 0112

100 0111

Hole In the Wall Waterfall 1

Hole In The Wall 2

100 0104

100 0103

100 0105

100 0093

100 0094

100 0095

IMG 0540

Balsamroot in bloom

The mighty Columbia

Wildflowers at Rowena


Wildflowers in the gorge

Trail views

From the Historic Highway

Mosier Tunnels Trail views

Historic Columbia River Highway

Town of Lyle

Town of Lyle

Klickitat River

From Highway 30 toward Washington

View from Rowena Crest

View east from Rowena Crest

View toward Old Highway 8

Klickitat River mouth at Lyle

Lyle from the Oregon side

View from Rowena

looking west from Haystacke Butte 3

Looking west from Haystack Butte in the fog 1

Looking west from Haystack Butte in the fog 2

winter grass and fog on Haystack Butte

Mt. Adams in the distance with fog - from Haystack Butte

looking northwest from HCRH Chicken Charlie Island

looking west from HCRH 1

looking southwest from private parcel on Lyle-Snowden Road

view from private parcel Mt. Hood

looking east from Rowena 2

looking east from the Rowena Plateau

looking northwest from Rowena

Tom McCall Point

looking west from HCRH 2

looking west from the HCRH

Wahkeena Falls 2

Shepherds Dell Falls

Horsetail Falls

Mist Falls

Elowah McCord Creek Falls

Elowah Falls

Multnomah Creek

Multnomah Falls

Triple Falls 2

Triple Falls

Ponytail Falls

Wahclella Falls 2

Wahclella Falls

Latourell Falls 2

Latourell Falls

Weisendanger Falls 3

Weisendanger Falls 2

Weisendanger Falls

Fairy Falls 2

Fairy Falls

Duchman Falls 2

Dutchman Falls

Multnomah Falls in autumn 2002

Multnomah Falls icy Benson Bridge 2002