May 26 2020 CRGC Meeting - via Zoom Webinar

The Zoom Webinar link will be included in the regular Agenda email. Please note that during the May 26th meeting, the Commission is not accepting public comment on the two work session Agenda items: Gorge 2020 Draft Climate Change Chapter and Gorge 2020 Urban Area Boundary Chapter Edits. The public may comment on these, and other chapters of the Draft Management Plan, during the June 1-30, 2020 public comment period. The Draft Management Plan will be uploaded on the Commission’s website on June 1, 2020. The public is encouraged to email comments during June 1-30, 2020 to:

Staff Report - Draft Climate Change Chapter & Action Plan Framework
Draft Climate Change Chapter
Staff Report and Guide to Redline Edits - Land Uses Part II Ch 7
Draft Land Uses Chapter Part II Ch 7
Streamlining Example for Management Plan Edits - Gorge Commission Role Chapter
Public Comment - City of Stevenson re UAB Revisions
Public Comment - Hood River County Community Development re UAB Revisions
Public Comment - Wasco County Economic Development Commission re UAB Revision Policy Process
Public Comment - Rich Mays, City of The Dalles Mayor re ownership of Dallesport WA property
Public Comment - Joint Letter re Gorge 2020 Urban Area Boundary Revisions
Public Comment - Jordan Ramis PC re Land Use Revisions
Public - Commission Meeting Protocol
Public Comment Guidance
Minute Files:
Audio Minutes File #1
Audio Minutes File #2
Audio Minutes File #3
Audio Minutes File #4