April 14, 2020 CRGC Meeting - via Zoom Webinar

The Zoom Webinar link will be included in the regular Agenda email and all Commission materials are posted below. The Commission highly encourages written comments on any starred item on the Agenda and for general public comment. Written comments should be emailed to Connie Acker at Connie.Acker@gorgecommission.org before noon on April 13, 2020. Please note that written comments received after noon on April 13, 2020 may not be provided to the Commission until after the April 14th meeting.

Public Zoom Webinar Protocol - Commission Meeting
Public Comment Guidance
Staff Report Land Uses - 4/14/2020 - UPDATED
Staff Presentation - Land Uses - UPDATED
Staff Report Compliance Update 4 and Study - 4/14/2020
Staff Presentation - Compliance Study Overview
Draft Master Roadmap for Gorge 2020 - 4/14/2020
Public Comment - Friends' Comments on Land Use Topics
Public Comment - Friends' Comments Regarding Short Term Rentals
Public Comment - Friends' Comments Regarding Compliance
Public Comment - Dan Clark
Public Comment - Rachel Grice
Public Comment - Randall Marker
Public Comment - Strengthen Gorge Protections
Public Comment - Debra Lutje
Minute Files:
Audio Minutes File #1
Audio Minutes File #2
Audio Minutes File #3
Audio Minutes File #4