Plan Review

Management Plan

Columbia Gorge Commission

Plan Review

Congress directed the Gorge Commission to review the Management Plan no sooner than 5 years, but at least every 10 years, to determine whether it should be revised. If the Gorge Commission revises the Management Plan, the revisions shall be reviewed and concurred with by the Secretary of Agriculture.

From 1997 to 2000, the Gorge Commission, Forest Service and local and state agencies monitored the implementation of the Management Plan. A series of reports evaluated the findings in development review decisions for scenic, cultural, natural and recreation resources, and for agriculture and forest lands.

From 2000 to 2004, the Gorge Commission and Forest Service reviewed and revised the Management Plan, and the Revisions to the Management Plan (Revisions) was adopted by the Gorge Commission in May 2004. The Secretary of Agriculture concurred with the Revisions in August 2004. The Revisions subsequently were inorporated into an updated Managemen Plan that can be viewed on this website.

The Commission will be launching its 10-year technical review and update process for the Management Plan in July 2016. We will be engaging our partners in this process as we move forward. Stay tuned for opportunities to provide your feedback.