New Online Information Management System

The Gorge Commission is starting a new Access Database Replacement Project to transform the outdated database the Commission uses into a modern, cloud-based, online information management system. The Commission received a special appropriation of funding from Oregon and Washington for the 2021-2023 biennium to begin the multi-year effort to analyze workflow, inventory existing data, and then improve data management for development permits and other information. The Gorge Commission will hire technical experts to find the best program and develop a solution to increase efficiency and transparency of the data the Commission uses. The goal is for each permit to be easily found and tied to GIS location. In addition, users will be able to more easily locate relevant information and maps on the Commission’s website. To review the full description of the project, please click here for the Policy Option Package requesting additional funding from the Oregon Legislature. (The Washington Decision Package contains the same information). 

For more information, please contact Mike Schrankel, GIS Manager.