Jim Morgan

Jim Morgan

Term: 2021 - 2025

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Jim Morgan has spent his career striving to balance natural resource protection and communities’ needs to thrive within a healthy ecosystem. Raised in a rural farming community, he followed his interests in nature by attaining bachelor and masters degrees in biology and water resources.

As a biologist and natural resources manager, Jim has worked in both the private and public sectors utilizing a science-based approach to resolving conflicts between resource protection and human development. He has been a leader in designing and implementing strategies for protection and enhancement of natural areas and has provided publicly supported solutions to minimize impacts of development on natural resources.  

Regionally, Jim worked for Metro, Oregon’s regional government, integrating natural resources protection within regional development strategies. He had a lead role in identifying, acquiring and managing important natural and cultural resources for protection in the Portland metropolitan area as well as surrounding exurban lands.

State-wide, he served as the Natural Resources Manager for Oregon Parks and Recreation, working with staff, governmental agencies, NGOs and the public in developing approaches to protecting natural and cultural resources while providing compatible recreational opportunities.

Internationally, as an experienced professional Peace Corps Volunteer, Jim worked cooperatively with national government agencies and indigenous communities of Mexico in designing and implementing strategies and projects that protected threatened ecosystems while maintaining the economic and cultural viability of local communities.

Currently, Jim is restoring the soils on his farmland in Corbett, OR, planting native vegetation and an orchard for the future. When not running a river, Jim volunteers with local community organizations. He loves the language of music and has never encountered a musical style he does not like.