Columbia River Gorge NSA


The Gorge Commission files notices of proposed rulemaking with the Oregon Secretary of State and the Washington Code Reviser.  These notices explain the proposed rules and give the date, time, and place for the Commission’s rulemaking hearing.  The Commission welcomes questions and comments on its proposed rules.  You can email the Commission using the email link at the bottom of the page.

Currently Proposed Rules

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to Washington State Code Reviser for Proposed Rule Adopting Exterior Boundary and Special Management Area Legal Boundary Descriptions

The Commission is proposing a rule amendment to adopt legal boundary descriptions for the exterior boundary of the National Scenic Area and the special management areas.  These legal boundary descriptions were drafted in the same manner as the urban area legal boundary descriptions that the Commission adopted last year.  For more information, please contact Jeff Litwak.

WSR 18-18-008 Proposed Rule