Columbia River Gorge Commission

Partnering to protect and enhance the NSA's resources

The Columbia River Gorge is a region unlike any other. We value our community partners and the energy, expertise, and ingenuity they share. Commissioners and staff strive to work closely with organizations and individuals whose efforts protect and enhance the scenic, natural, cultural, and recreation resources of the Gorge. Some of these partners include:


United States Forest Service

Our partner in managing the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.

Mid-Columbia Economic Development District (MCEDD)

MCEDD was formed in 1969 by its member counties. It received federal designation as a District from the US Economic Development Administration in 1970.

Pacific Northwest Aquatic Monitoring Partnership

PNAMP is a forum for the community of aquatic monitoring practitioners in the Pacific Northwest. PNAMP consists of federal, tribal, and state partners; other interested participants; and a coordinating staff.

Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership

The mission of the Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership is to improve the lower Columbia River by protecting and restoring ecosystems and enhancing clean water for current and future generations of fish, wildlife, and people.

Underwood Conservation District

UCD engages landowners and land users throughout Skamania and west Klickitat Counties in the conservation, enhancement, and sustainable use of natural resources through voluntary stewardship.