Learn More About Those Who Make Up the Gorge Commission

Who We Are

13 Commissioners, 9 Staff Members

The Gorge Commission has 13 members: the governors of Oregon and Washington each appoint three members, one of whom must be a resident of the National Scenic Area; the six Gorge counties each appoint one member; and the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture appoints one non-voting member who must be from the U.S. Forest Service.  The Commission’s leadership include a Chair and Vice-Chair.

A professional staff provides support for the Commission and handles the day-to-day business of the Commission from its office in White Salmon, Washington.  Current Commission staff include an executive director, general counsel, land use planners, and administrative analyst.

The Gorge Commission and staff partner with the U.S. Forest Service, the states of Oregon and Washington, the six Gorge counties, and the four tribal national with treaty rights on the Columbia River.  This partnership works with nearly 100 other governments and non-governmental entities.

Gorge Commission Roster


Sondra Clark Profile Image

Sondra Clark

County Appointed: Klickitat
Robin Grimwade Profile Image

Robin Grimwade

Chair County Appointed: Clark
Tamara Kaufman Profile Image

Tamara Kaufman

County Appointed: Skamania
Robert Liberty Profile Image

Robert Liberty

County Appointed: Multnomah
Jerry Meninick Profile Image

Jerry Meninick

Governor Appointed: WA
Donna Mickley Profile Image

Donna Mickley

Forest Service Area Manager
Carina Miller Profile Image

Carina Miller

Governor Appointed: OR
Michael Mills Profile Image

Michael Mills

County Appointed: Hood River
Jim Morgan Profile Image

Jim Morgan

Governor Appointed: OR
Rodger Nichols Profile Image

Rodger Nichols

County Appointed: Wasco
Pah-tu Pitt Profile Image

Pah-tu Pitt

Vice-Chair Governor Appointed: WA
Ashley Thompson Profile Image

Ashley Thompson

Commissioner Governor Appointed: OR
Amy Weissfeld Profile Image

Amy Weissfeld

Commissioner Governor Appointed: WA


Connie Acker Profile Image

Connie Acker

Administrative Analyst
Aiden Forsi Profile Image

Aiden Forsi

Land Use Planner
Bryce Guske Profile Image

Bryce Guske

Land Use Planner - Klickitat County
Joanna Kaiserman Profile Image

Joanna Kaiserman

Senior Land Use Planner
Jeffrey Litwak Profile Image

Jeffrey Litwak

Lisa Naas Cook Profile Image

Lisa Naas Cook

Vital Sign Indicators (VSI) Planner
Jessica Olson Profile Image

Jessica Olson

Natural Resources & Land Use Planner
Mike Schrankel Profile Image

Mike Schrankel

GIS Manager
Krystyna U. Wolniakowski Profile Image

Krystyna U. Wolniakowski

Executive Director